Schools Obstacle Course Challenge – 11-12 March 2015

In the lead up to THE BRAVEST event the ACT’s Year 9-12’s are going to have the opportunity to participate in a schools knockout round obstacle based event located in the staging area at Stromlo Forest Park.

As part of the overall schools event BFIRM’s Lee Campbell is bringing his Passport4Life™ program to Canberra’s secondary school system.  The program is designed to build awareness about positive lifestyle choices by delivering engaging, interactive, health and wellbeing content that will facilitate meaningful discussion for all participants.

The Circuit Obstacle Race (COR) will be more than just a physical contest, this innovative schools program will:

  • Provide a platform for ongoing health and well being
  • Combine learning, training and mentoring activities
  • Ensure that all students benefit from involvement and further develop life skills
  • Fight obesity and unhealthy lifestyle trends and habits